The next chapter of In The End is over to the Beta and hopefully she can get to it.  She is working and sick.  All kudos to her!! I hate this crap and if it wasn’t for other people’s Doctor appointments, I would be able to make my own…

Ah well, what’s done is done.   I have also been invited into AO3, and have started to post over there In The End.  As well as helping out on other WordPress Sites for beginners, and trying to write my own stories and manage this site as well as admin for a Twilight non-canon group Facebook site and my own Author Page on Facebook.  Along with all this is our very own wonderful Connor who is right now off pouting.  Who knew a puppy would be this much work?  My first one was a walk in the park type next to this one.   I was told he is not as much work as a toddler since you can leave him alone.  But they have not experienced puppy retribution by Connor.  Messes everywhere, along with torn into stuff.

I just wanted to give you guys a glimpse into my life right now, and now that I am trying to work on all of the stuff here, but with me still having the flu, it is getting a bit much.  And this is just the first week of the new year!

So please give me and my poor Beta some patience.  We both want to work on In The End as well as the other stories, but we both are being bogged down.  As soon as AO3 is caught up, then I will be working on figuring out what to do with the other stories.  I may ask for more Beta’s until we are caught up and then decide what to do from there.  My Beta loves my stories, but it is hard for her to get to them.  And They ALL live inside my head so I really like to get some finished.  So if anyone would like to help, let me know, and I will talk to my Beta about it.  If you want to know what you will be working with, well the worst example would be Vampire Diaries/Twilight story I have out there.  That is straight out of my head with no editing.  And as most of you know, I edit before I send to my Beta.

For right now, more pills, since I am starting to feel bad again, and working on some stuff, since I can’t sleep since Connor doesn’t want to sleep right now.  But I wanted you guys to see how big he is getting.  He dragged over his bed to my chair and then laid in it giving puppy eyes.  Now he is mad so he dragged it back to my side of the bed and is laying on Marty’s side of the bed ignoring me.  =D