Butterfly going to black

So, I bop over here to make sure the chapter I am working on has the correct updated previous section, and come to find out, that you guys are clicking away at the site!!!

We made over a Thousand hits, not only 1 day (Jan 1st) but 2 Days!!!

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!!   Makes me happy that you guys are checking on this and makes me feel better.

As previously stated, I am working on the next chapter and trying to get it done before my husband cracks the whip and demands that I rest.  Yes, I have the freaking flu, and yes I am being bad pushing it.  But I feel bad no chapters!

So our compromise, he will watch me and I can work, but if he thinks I am pushing it too much, Back to bed I go.  But while he is away, the mice will play.

In all, Thanks guys, you made my day!  Have fun clicking around.  I am going to work on the chapter.  There is a huge revelation in here, but it is artfully hidden in the chapter…. 😉