Yep, It’s time for the new chapter of In The End!!!

New Chapter

Just to give you some story behind this one and the mental picture I had, the opening paragraph is actually inspired by a night I remember.  I was outside on my balcony in the Foothills of Tucson.  It was a cold clear night and I was looking up at the stars, thinking.  Then out of the desert I hear the howls of the Coyotes.  It just has stuck in my head for YEARS afterwards.  (I think the last time I was there all the area is under development now.)  I am just glad to be able to use the memory in my story!

My Beta also offered a song for that paragraph, Full Moon, Full of Love.  It is sung by K.D. Lang, or at least the version she could find for me.  I always entertain suggestions.  I know that is how some of my bands came about.  My brother is my other source.  He knows me pretty well and when I am stuck, he offers suggestions.  They may not work for that chapter, but for others they have.

I am working on Chapter 22.  And for those that got answers in Reviews, I needed the pick me up!! For some reason this chapter is kicking my butt.  So positive things were needed, and your reviews helped a lot.  But I am finding myself in the quandary that I am now taking up to a full day to answer them.  So, If you ask a question, I will definitely answer.  For all the rest, if I can I will, if not, don’t think I don’t read them, or go back and read them for inspiration.

Right now, I am working on Chapters, catching up on my reading and will be working on getting Tea Shoppe up to snuff.  And my resolution is to finish it.  I also plan to work on some others, but I will keep ahead of this story.  It won’t be short…  If you can’t tell!

Also, thank you to all the people who read my posts and recs!  It is how stories get passed around is by word of mouth.  So I try to do my part and let you know what I am reading, and now that I can keep up, which authors I am aware of moving to WordPress.

So enjoy the Short Chapter.  Let me know what you think about all the new Characters, and yes, I am mean.  I gave HUGE hints to who the people are except the last 2.  I will tell you she is going to be a big player.  Think Norse is all I can say.

The pic is another rehash, sorry.  It’s not letting me load, and is restarting the website if I do, so I don’t really want to load this all over again.

Enjoy your chapter!


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