For those that have been waiting for this, the wait is over.  Just remember, this is a R rated fic.  Or VERY VERY mature.  Just warning.  It builds up to it.

Yes, Tea Shoppe is starting the move over to WordPress.  And yes, the ladies on Kittyinaz on Facebook got the first notification.

Chapter 1

For those that do not know, Tea Shoppe started as a thank you to my fans for reviewing Alice and Hatter.  It was supposed to be a one shot, and it was inspired by a ride home one day and I heard If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland and Katy Perry.  The entire scene that is written is that as it played out in my mind as I listened.  But then I found out it was too big to send in PM’s.  So I did a dedication to the fans that I was going to send it to.

I posted it, thinking that was all that was going to come out of it.  I surprised everyone, including my beta at that time, and had a HUGE response asking for more.  So, with no plan or anything, writing as I went, I wrote this out.  I actually had until Chapter 22 written while I was struggling with a plot issue in my other story at the time Revelations.  It contains a chapter I had actually wanted to write to a song in this, and ended up making me cry as I wrote it.  As we come up to it, I will let you know. Tea Shoppe has been the easiest story to write, and has usually been one I can sit and write easily.

But, it also has had it’s share of heartbreaks too.  As my first, from the soul story, I wanted to post it to in the hopes that maybe it can be picked up.  I sent it there, and got turned down.  Told that maybe Project Team Beta can help.  Now I was pretty far in the story, and went with it.  I had just picked up a Beta who was helping me out big time, and what would be the harm in more?

The first chapter came back with 203 comments of things to change in the story.  Yep, I said 203 in one chapter.  And it never got better.  I grew frustrated, specially since I submitted chapter one twice, and got no better.  The reason I submitted chapter one twice?  Twilighted turned me down again.

After that, I got really sick.  It started in December of 2010, I started to have insomnia.  I pushed it aside, thinking it was the stress of redoing Alice and Hatter for me to send it as a gift out, baking my buns off for a party I was giving later, and for my gifts to the office.  I never had a downtime until the actual holiday.

But, it continued.  And I got the flu.  From there it went all downhill.  I was in so much pain I was out of work beginning May and never returned. Stress made it worse, and it became so bad, I could not move from the bed.  After MANY tests, and very painful ones, they determined that I needed surgery.  By that time I was fired, and was basically bed ridden.  I could get up, but it hurt so bad… yeah.  I lost 50 lbs during that time, basically in two weeks, because all I could eat was some pretzels and crackers.  And the insomnia continued, even with Ambien.  When I came through all that, it came to light that the suffering I had gone through for 18 years, was based on a misdiagnose, that no doctor until my current one questioned.  Thank goodness she did!  During this time, is when I got hooked on True Blood, and Inuyasha fics.  I also proved what an EXCELLENT investment the iPad was.  LOL.

Luckily for me, during all this, I had a cheering squad on my side.  I, to this day, give many thanks to Hattie.  She has been, and continues to be, my cheering squad.  She jumps in and helps me search out pics, and many of the pics I will be using will be from her.  And yes, she is still reading my stuff, well, she would read In The End, but she is not into blonds.  LOL!!!  Though she thinks Joe M. is a hottie….

So many, MANY thanks to Hattie.

And so many freaking thanks, that you will not believe, to my current Beta.  I sent her the chapter, and tonight when she posted it, she asked what the heck had they been thinking.  She is also in love with my Tin Man Story.  It is because of her that I started to write again.  She encouraged me to write In The End, and is a big supporter of mine.  We have grown close, shoot we even get sick together.  LOL!  This is why I trust her, and love her as my Beta.  She tells me she changed two pics, and is working on the next chapter, but neither of us like a set of pictures.  Yes, we take pictures seriously.

So, if nothing else, please try to give this story, that is so close to my heart, a chance.  I will be updating the Twilight version that I started.  The biggest changes?  Well the main characters are Bella and Peter.  And MY Peter is Ryan Reynolds.  <evil grin>

And for those who read my original, well, nothing is changing except pictures added, grammar fixed and all that.  As the chapters update here, I will be removing anything from the FanFiction version that would cause it to be pulled.  But not until it is up hear.  Because face it.  It would be pulled.  LOL!

Thanks for reading my rambling.  Some of this is to let you know about this story, and some to let the current fans know why it seemed I gave up on this story.  I haven’t.