Carlisle 10

So here it is, the last chapter of What If.  For now.  I have two banked chapters but now that this is caught up with FanFiction, I am off to update the next story. Chapter Eight

Never fear for those that are in love with this!! I am working on getting everything caught up, and have some fabulous people who are volunteering for being a Beta for stories.  Because, let’s face it, I am human.  I have no English degree, only the ability to have fooled all my English teachers with tips from one of my greatest teachers.  But if you look for my mistakes, they are there.  I promise!!

So that is why I use Beta’s to try to catch the mistakes.  If you want to know how bad I used to be, check out Revelations.  It starts out when I was still new, and you can watch my improvement.  I was bad.  Thanks to the ones who helped make me better!

The next group of stories is one I miss writing in.  I will introduce you to it when I publish the first chapter.

So, per the poll, you guys wanted What If caught up, and I did so.  Any more opinions?  It is closing this week…..