Chapter 1 of the fic for Tin Man is now up, with pretty links and everything.  LOL!!  This one will NOT take as long as I only have 2 more chapters until it is caught up to FanFiction.
Chapter One

After this is up, I think all I have left to do is pretty up Alice and Hatter.  Then I will be caught up with my FanFiction account except for those fics my Betas and I are working on.   And yes I said Beta’s.  I have one working on a fic, and waiting for the other to answer back. The one is catching up to What If.  So it will be beta’d.  I still have some more fics.  I have some hidden and moving around.  I need to finish that Vampire Diaries and Twilight one.  Once that is finished, I will be taking it back down for editing.  So read as you can, I won’t be taking it down until I finish it.

Yes things are moving, and before anyone asks, In The End is continuing.  its kinda big, and very intricate, especially if you are my Beta and trying to keep everything in place.  And now she is having computer problems.  IT might not be so bad, but WordPress’s App for the iPad is NOT editor friendly.  LOL!

Enjoy, and I will be working on getting more done.  I am looking forward to writing.  I have tons of stuff to work on and no limits now.  Thanks to all those who have volunteered.  And for those ladies in SVM/TB Fanfic library, I will get to that other story when I can!!