Bella's Bathroom

So, I am working on What If, and I need help.  You see the bathroom above was chosen to be Bella’s bathroom, but my hubby said there was no way 2 people can comfortably fit in the bathtub.  And, as most of you know, Carlisle talked Bella into a  redo of the house.

What am I asking from you guys?  To, if not narrow the choice down to one, to at least a workable amount?  The Bathrooms chosen are ones I like.  Ones I found looking for my bathroom on Tea Shoppe.  Then for romantic bathrooms.  I do have one that is favorited, but I am leaving it up to you guys.  You have one week.  (Because I want to write the chapter with it in it, and I am not sure beyond this chapter will I write.)

The below is Carlisle’s bathroom in his house.  I DO write shower scenes.  But I am personally a bath person, and I think I would like some bathtub scenes.  So help a poor writer out and vote??  They are only numbered per their names I saved under.  NOT by what order I like them in.  That is why I asked them to be random.

hmm Carlisles bathroom I am thinking.. hmmmm

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