So, I am playing around with my website, and trying to get it to be bigger, since I hate how small my menu on the top is.  I found this, and figured, why the hell not?  I wanted to know what you like on my site.  And most of you would have defaulted to In The End, so, I removed that choice.  No brainer for me there since I extended my Favorite Pages/Link to 20, and it is all In The End.  I want to know what else do you like, or what you would like to see?  If I can, I will try!

Also, I will be moving anything not a story under one menu choice.  Banners, Possible Stories, Stories I love and anything that is not a Story being/Have been written on.  The top is getting heavy.  Plus I need to add Once Upon a Time to Stories I love.  Everything is going slow because my internet is being nuts.  I cannot load anything.  NOTHING.  So aggravating.

So please vote, so I can see how this works.  After I see this, I will be using it for future things.  If I like this one better than Facebooks, I will use it.  Thanks!

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