Tin Man

Yes, my Tin Man story.  I am excited to be able to bring this to you.  I have written quite a few chapters, and have been in love with it.

Here is the summary from FanFiction: Starting at the end of the movie. What if the OZ was not done with DG? What if DG couldn’t take it and was done with the OZ, leaving it for Kansas? Could 2 men convince her to come back, if nothing else, but for them, for love?

This story has twists and turns like you would not believe.  It is slow going, but you will understand as you read it, and since it is pretty far written, I will be updating more regularly on it.  This one, like In The End, needs me to keep ahead of it.

If you liked Wizard of Oz, the movie and the books, if you liked Tin Man, take a chance.  I had more fun with this one than most stories….