Yep, so secret that I am posting here for the new chapter.  LOL! And you know what the above picture means, yep, lemonade is ready and waiting for those that wish!

Yes, My story, You’re All I am Asking for, got updated.  this story was a challenge that I failed at.  And now trying to complete. It is unbetaed or even edited by me.  It is a raw example of the work I do the first time through before I go back and pretty it for you guys and my Beta’s.  Once it is finished, I will unpublish it and go back to edit it and publish it here and FanFiction. It is a crossover, Damon and Bella.  I noticed that it has been clicked on, so I am letting those that follow it know that there is a new chapter.  And it is lemony.  At least where they would stop talking.

Chapter 14

Enjoy.  The new Chapter of In The End is with the Beta and she has been working on it.  She is halfway through it, after we had a lively debate on capitalization rules.  Not that we disagreed, that was the problem!  We were trying to agree on what they should be!  So I will take the blame, because I distracted her while she was editing, but we were having fun as we debated different things.

Then she begged me to put another chapter of Tea Shoppe out for her.  And for those on Facebook, well you know how well that worked out.  It’s there, but she has to finish In The End.  Then I will put more out for her.  And hopefully the internet will be as helpful as it was today and allow me to add the pics.

I’m having insomnia issues, so I am trying to write.  I was trying to force it, but I am learning my lesson and writing what I want.  At least the Vampire Diaries/Twilight one is one I planned on.

So enjoy the new chappie, and I am heading to bed.  Night!  And yes, Nicole, I know it is late again!! I am heading there!!!