I did warn you these were coming fast.  Like I said earlier, after I get this updated, then my Betas and I will be working together to get chapters out.  I am very impressed with them, and I think it will be a joy to work with my Betas and can go back to worrying about writing.  Which is important to me and I think you guys!

Chapter Two

Here is the deal.  I have mentioned it before, but again, I am human. Not an English major, just having a gift for a vivid imagination that I hope to give you guys an idea of with my writing.  I am open for criticism, but I also hope that people can say something positive.

I used to be Vice President (of Education) and acting President of a Toastmaster’s club that I was the founding member of. One of the most crucial things I learned (besides not saying um) is that for every negative thing you say, you need to say two positives.  Why?  Because the person will only focus on the negative and will get bogged down in it, forgetting the positive.  Two good reviews reinforce the fact that you have positive things about you or your speech (or story in this case) and you can take the negative as it is normally offered, as a way to help improve you.

Seems silly doesn’t it?  But very true.  I have learned to look at criticism differently from that period of time, but I do find myself obsessing with my mistakes.  I am OCD and have a bad habit of obsessing over details and mistakes (as well as orginazation, I actually get upset if things are not organized, ask my husband, he gets his side of the closet rearranged ALOT).  I blow them up in my head and usually it is with the help of my husband and other great friends that I get rid of them.  Writing has helped because it makes me aware that people actually like my writing.

So when you get someone who begs for reviews, take a step back and ask yourself, maybe they want something positive to think on.

Also, reviews are the only way we writers often know we are doing well.  I haven’t looked at my stats in FanFiction in ages.  So I really have no idea how popular my stories are.  In fact, the other day I was on the manage stories and saw that In The End had over 200 reviews!  This may seem like little to you, but it tells me that people enjoy my writing enough to care that I may have spent weeks on a chapter to leave me something for my time.  I don’t get paid for writing, I am doing it for the fun of it.  And to get some learning in while I get my courage up for trying to publish something.