Yes, I am doing the Snoopy dance in my chair.  If you doubt me, you can ask former co-workers and such.  I really do the snoopy dance when I am that happy.  LMAO!

This is the last of the chapters that were on FanFiction and not here.  I have Alice and Hatter to pretty up by putting the next previous links as well as the chapter links.  Then I have some prepping for my Beta’s do, since one is working on In The End, the other is catching up with my current work.

Chapter 3

What does this mean?  This means, I can write more in the other areas, finish up some stories, and get some of those possible stories moving as real stories.

Me?  I’m freaking excited!!! I can write, and not stress on what is here and not on FanFiction, on what I need to catch up and all those little worries.  I can write how and when I want, and know you guys, as my fans, can have new stories to read from me.  While your favorite is being updated.  Maybe you will find some more favorites?

Just a reminder, You’re All I am Asking For is a free writing story.  I will finish it, and when I do, I will pull it from the site until it gets edited and put up on all the sites.   The dream, or The Best is Yet to Come, will also be pulled when I decide I got it all under control and get writing on that one.  I am finding tons of Colin pics to go with that one.  LOL!

The poll is over, and I will have another after I prep the chapters for the Beta’s and have Hatter and Alice ready.  Dang it feels great to be feeling as though this site is all cleaned up and ready to go for new stuff!!!