I have dirt!

Yeah, I am just posting this pic here cause I can’t stop laughing at it when it pops up on Facebook.

I am looking for a song for one of my stories.  So I am looking to write.  Next will be You tube if I can’t find something to inspire me.

Beta is working, when I don’t distract her with random pictures on FaceBook.  She knows you guys are anxious for the next chapter….  And it starts the plot moving as some of  you have wished for…  Now does everyone understand why I do flashbacks of her growing up??  We would have been old and senile by the time I got this part.

Happy Friday you all!! Hope you enjoyed the laugh… oh I remember what I forgot to do on tumblr.. I forgot to search for Allan!!!  Back to Tumblr I go.  It’s such a hardship too.