Yep, I said happy news.  You are getting two chapters this weekend.  The first is right now.  Don’t get your hair all ruffled, there is a good reason!

The other will probably be tomorrow or Sunday.  The reason?  Besides me loving you guys?  Well after hours of discussion, and I do mean HOURS of discussion of what to do, my Beta and I decided to split this chapter.

Why?  Because this chapter, that you are receiving, ends an arc, not a major one, but an arc.  Next up starts the plot moving, and has a totally different feeling to it.  We wanted you guys to be happy.  No it’s not the Mating.  But it’s freaking important and you will be happy.  So enjoy the chapter, and I will post the next one later this weekend.

See ya later this weekend.  I am off to find pics because the next chapter had only one!!  Can leave that for you guys…