Yep, here is the other chapter of In The End.  What cracked me up was that most of you were more worried about Niall than to say anything about the importance of the Bond being finished and them being married by Hades and Niall.

Ah well.  This starts the plot back on some familiar ground.  The plans are moving forward and while you will get some more E/S/G loving, it will mostly be the plot moving.

I have Chapter 3& 4 for Tea Shoppe up and ready to go.  Will work on some more there.  I also need to write the next chapters of What if, YAIAA4, & of course In The End.  Those are my ‘active’ stories, the ones I am actively working on.

If anyone wants to help me with my Tin Man story, I have tons of chapters waiting to go!! I just want someone to Beta for me.  I also have the Dream, but I am waiting until You’re All I Am Asking For to finish.

Enjoy your chapter!!!!