seriously-on-fire-wall-signCouldn’t help myself when I saw the pic…. however, today will be a busy day on this site.

I will be updating, linking and working like crazy to bring this up to the levels I wanted for it.  I will also be publishing stories and such.

Stories that will NOT be touched (unless for linking purposes) are In The End, (She has the most recent chapter and it is FREAKING huge!!! There is a hint on my facebook page), Tea Shoppe, Revelations.

The poll showed that you guys want What If, just say nothing negative because it won’t be Beta’d.  It will just be me going over it my many times.

I will be updating because some of you like the stories I have been holding off on.

What does this mean for In the End?  Nothing.  I have needed something to work on when characters make me mad.  And I made a resolution to try to finish some of these fics.  My large ones are Revelations, Tin Man, In the End, What if.  The rest will fall where they will.

If anyone wants to help out and help check out the chapters, please feel free to!  Just drop me a line and I will talk with you.  Just know that I am happy with my Beta, Love her in fact!  So it would be the stories she can’t get to, since unlike me, she has a life.   LMAO!!!

Hopefully after this will be easier, I am trying to be more active.  There is stuff still going on in RL (Connor!) that interrupt me, but I am trying!

So sorry to be blowing up emails, but maybe you guys will find some stories that you like in the mean time?  And don’t forget the Poll! I am listening to it, and there has to be more than 29 opinions out there.  But so far those are the ones that are counting!