Carlisle 13

This is for What If.  The Beta for this one asked me for it, and I delivered.  And then she blew me away with her awesomeness!  She found problems, asked me and I fixed.  And one of them, I had to call in my Beta for my other stories, and she fixed after making me tell her more about the scene.

Both of them are freaking awesome and I am blessed to have them!  Even if I have to give up another chapter of Tea Shoppe for the help.  ::grumblegrumble::

I made a mess of the latest In The End.  She is halfway through it, and with some creative rules in capitals and what we think Mates are under, well it is a mess.  I will know our agreed upon rules from now on, but it is easy to mix them up!!

My little blackboard is reminding me I am only up to chapter 23 on In The End, 11 on What If, and  15 on You’re All I am Asking For.  Tea Shoppe is umm. not marked.  ok.  So I will update that and the rest.  During the day I am working on that Photoshop class thingie.  I got stuck on it for three hours on the first step.  I am guessing most people starting on this don’t have 1,503 pictures to ‘tag’.  That is in between Connor times.  And they were many today.

On another note, is there anyone willing to be a Beta for Tin Man?  I have ALOT of chapters prepped for it and would like to work on it.

Enjoy the chapter!!!