GRand Teton National Park

Yes it is raining Beta’s and I can’t be more than thrilled!!!!

MKnue is my newest and she is tackling on of the harder ones.  Revelations.  She will start working on it and will let me know when she has published and I will fix the chapters on FanFiction and add the links and fun stuff.

I added a document to the Kittyinaz’s group in Facebook and on here on what is taken and not.  I have some stories I wish to be taken and still open.  I have some people looking to be a beta, so I am also waiting on their answers.  If you wish to become a beta, well it is first come, first serve on the stories!

Thanks again to all those who are volunteering, you have no idea how happy I am that you care enough about the stories to want to help correct my mistakes!!!  That sounds so bad, but take it in the way I was offering, as a compliment.  LOL

Hopefully I will be posting later some chapters.