So, people are answering my pleas.  Thank God!!!  I have Meridian who has volunteered for Every Dark Night Turns Into Day.

And Magsmacdonald who is the Beta who brings you What If.  (As I said before, she is doing a freaking awesome job and is sliding into my weirdness without a ripple, though that thought is scary for her!!!)

Faeregina is the one who brought me back to writing and the one who Beta’s In The End as well as Tea Shoppe and was the one who was betaing for ALL the stories until I started to beg for help.

I thank these ladies from the bottom of my heart for their help.  I have other offers out there, and am waiting to hear back from them.  There are still stories out there that I want to work on.

I don’t work right now, so I can churn out stories faster than my betas who do work.

I am heading off to bed, but wanted to make you guys aware of the changes.  Also any new Betas will be added to the new section I added on the side bar for them.

I cannot express my thanks to these fine ladies for taking time of their lives to help me.  Thank you!