I am up, we will  get to that pesky status of awake later on.  (Hey I was up to 4am getting In The End ready  for the Beta, I should get a pass on the awake part!)

Today I would like to have you guys meet the newest Beta.  Yep, another one has stepped in to help.  She started here the same as most of you, for In The End.  But then she read You’re All I Am Asking For and according to her, I started her off to look for another story to read with Bella and Damon.  She came back and told me she liked my Damon the best.  I was flattered.  Was?  Still am!! So she asked if she could be a Beta, and I told her of course.  You’ll never guess which one she picked…Yep Tin Man.  LMAO!

No, she really picked You’re All I Am Asking For.  So she is our new Beta for it.  This means a couple of things, 1) we will be cleaning up the chapters.  2) fancy links and such will be added as well as a character list and song list. 3) That this bad boy will make it to FanFiction.

I already told her that I planned to make a sequel or trilogy and she has no problem with that.  So, after I give Karen her chapter, I will be adding Alicia to the Beta List.  I think I will put out a document in the Other Stuff saying what has been taken for Beta.  There is more stories out there!!!! I am still looking for more Betas.  We have Revelations, (which will have a sequel when I get back to it), We also have Tin Man story. the Once Upon a Time dream.  Those are ones with Chapters waiting (Tin Man up to 16) and Revelations which will need TONS of patience at the beginning.  It is bad.  I was not as far along as I am now, so if one is looking for a challenge…  It is completely loaded on this site.  The last one Once Upon A Time is another I look forward to writing.

Right now, this is all I have dreamed up.  Well when I finish up one of these stories, preferably Tea Shoppe I have another AU that I want to write.

So say hi to the new Beta, Chapters are on their way to Beta’s and I am still looking for more work.  Silly me huh?