Damon Shirtless

I have reached over 50,000 visitors to this site, almost close to 51K!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! For a Present, Shirtless Damon for you guys.  LOL

I am so happy.  Truthfully.

I also wanted to let you know, we are busy, busy, BUSY!! Another chapter of ED was done and published on FF.net.  I also got the prologue done for You’re All I Am Asking for done as well and posted.

Poor Mknue, she is working hard to get Revelations up to par.  I have the first chapter and trying to work on it from her revisions.  missron80 is waiting patiently for me to finish with The Best if Yet to Come.  She is also helping with a poll over on Facebook for In The End.  The question makes no sense to anyone, but there is a reason!

What If’s Beta is busy being all smiley and when she gets back, (and relaxes those muscles!) she will have the new chapter to Beta.  I refused to give it to her sooner.

We are well on our way!  I even established for the future the timeline for the beta’s to start looking for my notifications!  Then I got all OCD (CDO) and made a freaking spreadsheet to make sure some ages work out.

Thanks again for all the visitors.  I am thrilled.  To think I thought no one will visit this site and it would only be good to store chapters on.  You guys proved that wrong~