Warning 1

I am working on banking chapters for ALL my stories that have Beta’s this week.  In The End has some, but nothing else does.  So I will be in a writing haze.

Remember, you can keep some idea of how I am doing by the Song Lists on the stories with Beta’s.  I update the song choice as soon as I make it and begin writing the chapters.  I also update the Character Lists with any new characters I make up.

So, please don’t be upset, but I really need to get some of these stories ready so I can relax and not feel like there is pressure over head for getting chapters out.  It makes everything better for me, you and the Beta’s.

Again, thanks to you guys who gave me feedback on the new story.  46 comments.  For a story that was a dream concept.   And a Beta.  WoW!!

You guys just make me feel better writing when you do that.  I obviously will still write, but to get that type of support means so much.

So I will see you when I surface.  I plan to bank the chapters, then come back and edit for the Beta’s then work on VD/T so that is another sign I am caught up since I post that one raw.  Hope to see you guys when I surface. (Of course I will be on Facebook keeping that updated too…  Need my Skarsporn!)