Yep, this concludes the dream, and has moved into the world of Wendy’s mind.  Or rather the world that these characters have already taken control of.  Here is the last chapter of the night for sure.

So now it is by your votes in the story that it will be continued.  I will add it in the rotation and you will probably will not get another chapter for a week or so.  I will start banking these chapters for me to do like In The End.  I would also like to get a couple of chapters in the bank, then go back and edit these beginning ones to post up on FanFiction.

Thank you to all of you who gave the story a chance.  Because of your input, this one will be shuffled in and worked on.  You’re All I asked for is coming to an end, only because Bella and Damon are together.  But I may add on what I thought to be the sequel so there will be more meat.  There will be more sequels.  I accidently read about Silas and the story firmed in my mind completely.  So we have the Cullens, the Volturi, the Curse and Elena and Elijah to solve before we get to that part.  See why I may put some more in this part?

I am actually tired.  So I am heading to bed.  I may post the first chapter to FanFiction to keep me motivated.  And time for the Ambien to kick in completely since I have been at this stage often and as soon as I get up to get ready, I am wide awake.

As before, let me know what you think.  I think you will be able to tell that the characters took over this section, but I feel like they are more cardboardy than normal so I may need to go back and fix later.

Night and I will see you tomorrow since I will be home.  And have sleep!