painted_harmony_360So, I am all excited, I got my birthday present that was preordered for me.

You see, I collect Painted Ponies.  Have for awhile but it is one of those quiet things.  I don’t have many, but the ones I have I love.  My mom and family have been quietly getting me them as holidays and birthdays roll around.

My mom called me and knows I like Bev Doolittle paintings, especially of the painted horses, and she found the above Pony to be released.  She wanted me to see it since it won’t be in.  I got it and then had to wait for my hubby since I had all the cats and Connor around me and the box was well picked for the size and packed with peanuts, that Connor and the cats wanted to eat.  Marty got it out and I promptly inserted it into the cabinet that we have for them.

I just had to share!!