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I would like to add a list of sites that help promote my fics. As a huge thanks to them, and to help promote them to others from me.

If you have promoted me, or read my fics somewhere besides FanFiction, let me know.  If you found my fics on a list anywhere, I would love to know about it!

I just want to thank the many people who have encouraged people to read me, and the best way is to acknowledge that and put the links up for you guys or others to use them.  Yep, it is why I have that Blogs I follow section, but I have more Blogs I follow than spots they give!! So I want to promote the sites that promote mine… Mutual sharing if you understand…

So leave a comment if you find, remember, or was directed here by something.  Kelpie’s Corner I already know and am going to add that once I have more links…

Thanks!!! It looks like we will have an What If and The Best is Yet to Come chappies coming.  Tomorrow I will start the editing process again.  And of course I will let you know when the chapters are up.  Even though the Best is Yet to Come is an edited chapter, (meaning already posted, but changed and stuff!) there is a lot more stuff to read and see…..  Lots of pictures!

And just for you to know… The pic is of Connor trying to fit inside his Puppy Bed.  Here is a picture of when he did fit! Just so you guys can see how much bigger he is getting!!!

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Thanks again for all of your support!!!