Allan Hyde 1

Well kinda, it is an update but there is more action packed yumminess!

Ok…Maybe I am overdoing it.  But yes, Karen finished E(very) D(ark) tonight and we added some important things to it. I am trying to add the picture as the item to be clicked, so.. if it doesn’t work, then here is the link: Click here IF PICTURE DOESN’T WORK!!! – Before you say anything, try the link again.  I just fixed it.

Anyways, go read it.  Please.  Just to make me happy and make me feel like we did awesome in doing it.  Even if not, just act like we did.  It will make us smile.

So…  Yep I have the OUaT to edit and then Revelations then I am done editing this week.  I will let you know each time they are updated.  And yes for those that want to know, What If and In The End have been sent to their respective Beta’s.

Now, I am going to go back to work since my husband is watching One Piece and losing brain cells doing so.  But it encourages me to keep the headphones on at the computer, so you guys probably enjoy it.