Yep, I finished that chapter that I said I was going to do.  You can find it here.

Next?  What If chapters.  Yes I said that s sound at the end.  I need to get some banked for you guys.  Then I will edit a chapter of that and In The End and hopefully get to work on In The End.

I am pushing to finish this one.  There will probably be a sequel to You’re All I Am Asking For.  Soo many things coming about and my brain is going freaking crazy.  But I will end this one first.  Then will work on editing and publishing this one while I work on finishing and/or stocking up some chappies for you guys.

In The Enders, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you.  I am working when I can, when insomnia isn’t hitting me.  Or when Connor isn’t driving me nuts.  Or when I don’t get weird ass dreams that makes me wonder what is in that bubblegum paste the dentist used on me, cause I had some REALLY freaky dreams this afternoon when I dropped from not sleeping all night!

Good Night, I will see you guys on the flip side.  And if I can’t sleep don’t be surprised to see am offering in the possibles.  It doesn’t have my attention like my Hot Pirate Dream, but I like the idea…