Hello Women

Yep, you heard it, we have a new In The End chapter!! Super Beta to your rescue.  Seriously.  She got it at 4 this morning, did an freakawesome job on it, found a pic I couldn’t and had it ready for you guys.

Chapter 20

Also, I got another Beta.  Yes this is the day for Beta’s to come and help me!!! Our new one is missron80.  Welcome!!!! She is going to work on that dream sequence for Once Upon A Time.  This is making me excited!!!!

All that is left is Tin Man and a Twilighted Tea Shoppe.  Twilighted Tea Shoppe has been offered to someone who has been trying to find a story.  So anyone want Tin Man??  You have plenty of chapters ready for when you are ready?  Please anyone (begging) it’s the last one…

I am off to be editing for work to give these awesome Beta’s.