Yep, Insomnia hits again for the second night again.  So I am writing the dream down hoping it reminds me to sleep.  Get it dreams ->Sleep?  Yeah, I am just hoping my head makes the connection.

The story’s song is Every Storm by Gary Allen, the Story name is Every Dark Night Turns into Day.  The prologue is Set You Free

This story, is not high priority at all.  I am trying to write down as much as I can since the Once Upon a Time one has worked where I can bring up the dream to work on it anytime.  I just want it down because it was interesting, and because if I forget something, I can deal with it easier than one of my other stories.  Ambien can make you forget some weird things.

Now, I am weird when I dream, I can wake up and go back to sleep and keep dreaming the same dream.  It may change a little or not.  This one was three little dreamlets, mostly all should be prologue, but I am not sure I want to go in which direction.  So I am writing it down.

If you enjoy it, let me know and that will let me know where to slot it in for working on it.  If someone feels up to betaing, and I get enough response, we will see about making this a story.  But only if I get enough feedback and a Beta.  This works with any of the stories.

The premise?  Godric is on his way to Seattle on an errand at Eric’s request, along the way he is sidetracked to his new destiny and freedom for both of them.