Yep you heard me, New What If Chapter!!!  (click the picture for the link!)

One of these days I will do it on the first time… The link is fixed…

And as most of you can tell, today is the day I sit down and start editing all these wonderful stories.  So don’t be surprised to see a lot of these emails coming your way as the Betas do their wonderful thing and work through the chapters.

Me?  Well I am off to clean house and when I need a break I will edit something.  I had an allergic reaction to something in the heater and it was not fun.  Thank God my hubby knew what to do with asthma attacks, because it helped.  So I am worn out from not sleeping well because its just kinda scary.  A teeny little bit scary to wake up with.  But I did get 10 hours last night, just still feel wiped out.  I may just do a light cleaning and tell the rest of the house to suffer on their own.  hmm that does sound great.  I think I will!

So have fun with the new What If Chapter, and you will get new notifications of new chapters edited for your pleasure!