This one didn’t have that many pics in it.  I’m out of it with the no sleeping thing, and am wanting to get through my dream part.  Here is the next Chapter.

Once I do that, I will go back and look at the chapters.  Or if you guys think they are good enough, I will leave them alone, and just work in the rest.

I am still looking for a beta.  I know I keep asking this, but I really have the bad habit of missing words or making mistakes.  Kelly has been nice enough when she noticed me calling Damon, Ian in that fic, to tell me, but that is the kinda thing I need a Beta to do, preread, make sure I am not missing words and in general make me feel better about posting.  And I won’t toss you in the deep end and let you founder.  I will give you to my Beta and she will do what is needed. lol!

But honestly, I am just trying not to overwhelm the ones I have, unless they wish a new story.  And I have no fear of calling in my main Beta when I am lost when you point out a legitimate issue.  It’s not because you are doing anything bad, it’s cause I am thinking, oh heck, how did I do that?  And how do I fix it?  And the brain is blank.

Now to get the dream portion over, except that the break in this last chapter was because of how it fell.  There is very little Godric in this one, but you will understand.

I am off to the next portion.  maybe I can sleep tonight…