I have only had the sniffles, that were gone with some Benadryl.  Other than that, I think I can class myself back into the human world!!!

But for the other part of being sick.   Does no one clean my room while I sleep?  What happened to those adorable elves and brownies and such?  They should have come in and cleaned for me!!   Don’t they know I am busy and have fans who are waiting on stories and such?  I have lessons to take and need to do this while I ‘take it easy’.

My desk alone bothers me since it looks like a dust bomb went off on it.  I would be ashamed to open my door to anyone right now!

So give me some time, because I have to do something about the pigsty I somehow started to live in without my knowledge.  Amazing what happens when you open the curtains for the first time in over a week.  Lamplight hides so much.

We have a vote of ONE making the difference between a four way tie and the present winner.  You have today.  After today I will be back to writing.  And taking my photoshop classes.  Between dentist, vets and eventually a Doctor’s appointment.

Damn, anyone else want to take a nap besides my pets?  And me of course!


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