once_upon_character-guide 2

No, it is not the start of a fic, but it should have been!!!

Missron80, has finished the first chapter of The Best is Yet to Come.  She has gracisouly worked on this, and I am thrilled about it.  I know I say that, but you have to realize, that until I get these things on ‘paper’ they stay in my head and mess with me.  Well, not mess with me, but its a great reason, right?

This started out as a dream.  It was the first dream sequence I wrote more than a chapter to, but still didn’t finish the dream.  It doesn’t end until further in the episodes, and where it goes from there, well, lets just say I am taking Once Upon a Time and turning it on it’s ear like Alice and Hatter. 🙂

So read and enjoy, only Chapter 1 is updated…so far.