Sick Day

That is what I keep telling myself.  Today is the last of the yucky pill that has me worn out and feeling blech.  The sniffles and fevers and all that have quietly said good bye and departed for other places.  Hopefully!  But I do feel like the woman above!!

I have learned my lesson from the past and am going to take it easy for a day or so.  BUT…I am so freaking bored!!!!!!!  I wanna write, do something!!!

So don’t be surprised to see stuff being posted about stories for Beta’s or one of the stories that don’t have a Beta (But sure would love to have one!).

Oh yeah, Bathrooms 2, 8, and umm one other… are winning.  I wanna say it is 6.  If you haven’t voted, please do, since once I am back writing, then I will be closing the poll.  Thanks for voting!!!!! (The Winning Bathrooms are below:) The one I liked the best is not in the running.  Told ya I wouldn’t play favorites.  But of the three, I know which one I would pick.  So, if you want your voice heard, VOTE!

Unfortunately Sick, but hopefully getting over it,