Kingdom of the Knights

The sequel to Alice and Hatter, my first ever fic, is up!  mknue has done a freaking awesome job in making a painful process as painless as possible.  She is unbelievably patient with me.

Revelations, Legends and Champions

To give you some background, Alice and Hatter was my first fic.  It is a retelling of the movie Alice, 2009 with the premise that Hatter and Alice fall into love and admit it sooner.  It’s also all those missing pieces of time in the movie, when we concentrated on other characters.  As I went along, I couldn’t help myself from adding little hints and surprised myself when I added a major character from another movie.  But when I did, the whole thing fell into place in my head, and I went straight from finishing that fic to writing the sequel.

However, I was also writing Tea Shoppe, which is totally AU and taking place in our world.  I met a wonderful woman that I call Hattie.  She was cheering me along all the way and still does to this day. Another reader, Alaina Downs offered to Beta me, and she agreed to a wish of mine to gift Hattie with a beta’d Alice and Hatter for Christmas.  We worked on it and I learned so much during that time, that you would be surprised at the difference.  She was also my beta for Tea Shoppe and Revelations from where I was at the time.  We had planned to go back and redo Revelations, but we had a parting of the ways before then.

So, it is bad.  I forgotten everything I learned in college and High School (Which oddly, was tougher than any of my College classes!).  I messed up verb tenses badly, and used the words And and But ALOT.  Also, BADLY.  I learned about commas and so on.  It was a much needed lesson.

It also taught me the worth of a beta.  Every SINGLE Beta I have learned things from.  Including my new ones.  They correct, and I go ‘ohhh I forgot about that, sorry!’ and make notes to myself to remember before I give them another chapter.

mknue, unfortunately, has all the chapters already.  And if she doesn’t get to it, I will certainly go back and try to make it better.  But, I have all these stories going on and while it has made me look forward to getting up and getting to work, it is work.  Luckily I have so much backed up because this week is a wash for writing.

I am telling you this so you can understand why I am so thankful for the Betas that have stepped forward to help, and really appreciate Faeregina, who had done ALL of the one shots, In The End and is working on Tea Shoppe who is in the same situation as Revelations.  mknue gets it because I had warned Faeregina that Revelations was really bad and we, well, we put it off.  She was warned also, but went ahead with it.  I just hope I didn’t scare her too much!

I am thrilled about getting to this, and can’t wait until we are caught up because, truthfully, Revelations is based on the characters started in Alice but I have greatly evolved them and it is a whole different story!  But you do have to read Alice and Hatter to understand it fully.  And watch a certain movie… But I won’t give it away until you read it…

Have fun.  I will be posting soon for another story that the Beta is finishing as we speak.