Warning signs 1

I know you guys are wondering this.  Or I am just thinking you are, either way, I am here to answer this very question!!!!

Remember when I told you RL and especially family has precedence over a lot?  Well this came into play this week.  Me?  Nope.  I just had a Dr’s appointment that had a weird outcome, but I’m fine.

No the issue was simply, I couldn’t edit nor write if my life depended on it.  Proof?  Let’s see…I pulled up ED and tried to work on it and realized when I added not ONE word, I was sucking at my job.  I decided to relax and spend some time with Conner and Marty.  Lo and behold, yesterday I asked who was ready for a chapter, and the Beta for You’re All raised her hand.

I did it, and added quite a few words.  I did the saving and updating, and am waiting for her ok to let the world know it is ready as well as publish it on FanFiction.

Today I worked on ED again and ended up adding 1,100 words.  See?? Big difference!!! I also just spent the rest of this evening rereading the chapters and am getting ready to work on a new one.

For editing, In The End is still at the Beta’s, but she has been busy in RL.  Like I said, not pressuring anyone to think I am more important than their lives, they are helping me!  Tea Shoppe is still awaiting Beta’s hands.  The Once Upon a Time is being worked on as we speak.  Seems I was REALLY out of it when I sent it to her and somehow had it in note form, not as a story.  How the hell did I miss that????  But while she is working on it, she has asked that I send her more while she is familiar with what is going on.

ED and You’re All are waiting for their nods to update and What If is still out there for me to edit.  Revelation’s Beta sent me two chapters to edit and I need to get to them.

I am trying to keep on schedule, but it is cutting into writing, so I am trying to get used to this.  I will be playing around with the schedule to get chapters written and edited to you guys.  You just have to realize in some of the stories I am 10 chapters ahead of you guys, and some I am barely a chapter ahead.  Just how they fell and if it came easy at the time.  Now, if it comes easy, I am going to at least write a chapter or two while I am in the ‘zone’.

So, now you know what is going on and all your curiosity is cured right??  Well in case in isn’t there is a photo album in Kittyinaz’s group in Facebook that right now is full of teasers for future chapters of In The End.  There is a new banner for April courtesy of Ellie Wolf.  She did an awesome job!!!! I update on there regularly, and you can track my progress through the group.  I am also haunting around it and use it to post eye candy of the Alex variety or have others who post their inspirations to me.  If any would like to send pics, they will be appreciated and credited!!

Have a wonderful rest of Easter for those that have some of Sunday left.  For the others, well, have a great day?  🙂