Allan Hyde 28

Chapter 3 of ED has been edited.

So you know what this means right?  Yep, you are going to go back and read that chapter since Meridian and I have been working hard to get these chapters to prepare you better for the future.

And after this, will be new chapters for the story!!! Yep, brand new, with new pretty pics and words for you to read.

Also a fuckawesome Eric will come eventually and damn.  I am liking him.  No worries, Eric is still meant for Sookie, but he and Bella will be close.

I am also working on a new chapter for it since I got in the Zone or my muse decided to come back from vacation.  Who knows, and at this point, I don’t really care since I am thrilled to be able to write!!!

So click on the picture above and enjoy the chapter.  I am off to add it to FanFiction.