Moon turning into Chess

Yep, the next chapter of Revelations is ready!!!

I have the next one in my inbox, I will get to it as soon as I can.  I had surgery yesterday and like a dolt, I also fainted.  I found out today the reason I have had a headache is that I fell forward hit the wall and then fell backwards.  My hubby caught me in time.. so only the forehead is sore…

The leg?  Has three stitches and actually just itches really bad!  It bothers me less.  Right now I am seeing how I can be here at the computer.  And to let you guys know this new chapter is out.

Also, there is a lemon in this chapter.  I combined it with the Outtakes to make it a seamless whole chapter.  I think there is only one chapter that ended up staying by itself for a lemon.  Remember, when I am up to it, all the chapters will be replaced in FanFiction with politically correct chapters.  LOL!!