Leighton Meester 4

My awesome Beta jumped right on it and fixed it up for you guys.  Also, if you are not part of my group on Facebook, then you missed the conversation that involved us picking a new Bella.  Meet Leighton Meester.  How did I pick her?  Out of a line up. Really.  I typed in Brunette Actresses and looked through them. I believe she was in Gossip Girl.

I have had issues.  LOL!  I couldn’t concentrate on a story if my life depended on it.  So I went off to Photoshop Elements, wanting to make some banners.  Needless to say frustration levels reached epic highs when I managed to outline the freaking things, even get them on layers, and could not manipulate their placements.  Gah!

Then today, after spending the remainder of yesterday reading MakesMyHeadSpin until 2am, I decided today to try GIMP.  It seemed to be easier than Elements from everything I read.   Instead, I managed to get the scissors to work, and not move the picture at all.  Not on it’s own layer, nada.    So I decided to work on something else.

And you get this.  Sorry it has taken so long, but I really was burning out from the pace I am setting myself.  I found myself working from the time I get up until I went to bed.  Not bad, I thought no problem since I worked then came home to write.  Yeah…. Learned my lesson.  So I am taking my Beta’s advice and working on what I can when I can.  Take some time out to do other things.  No matter how bad I feel when everyone says, please update ASAP.  Yeah, I need to work with my puppy, and to clean and do other things.

SO starting tomorrow, I will be making an effort to get into a habit to get healthy, (Walking and working with the dog.  Which may make me not be so irritated with him during the day when he is trying to get my attention while I am trying to write.) along with some other things.  This will help me get my thoughts in order since I used to think a lot when I was a runner…  LOL.  I was making up stories back when I was in 6th grade running miles for races.  Ever run miles?  You seem to think a lot.  Or least I did.  And while I never did cross country, I was trained as one for long distance.  And in Dickinson, there was a yellow house I absolutely hated in 8th grade.  Dreamed of painting it at least another color.  Then I wondered, if the coach would call it, the house that used to be yellow?  And what if we painted it every color???  Told you long runs made for weird thoughts.

Enjoy the chapter.