Killian 35

This is the newest chapter for Best Is Yet to Come.  After this will be all brand new chapters. As I do now, Click the pic for the chapter.

This story is going to be different than normal.  See all I do is write the chapter, then MissRon80 adds the change from cardboard characters to fleshed out beings.  Since I am normally the one who does this (and I can spend a LONG time doing this!!) This will make this story easier to write.

However, to keep current with what is going on, I will need to read her chapter, then write mine, let her know, she will do her magic, then post.  I go back in and add the links and these posts and then add to FanFiction.  And repeat as needed.

Normally, I try to write ahead, but with me wanting to write with her in mind, I think this will be the easiest.

Please leave a review.  It inspires the two of us.  We love this story, but I will admit, sitting in bed yesterday dealing with insurance companies over the damages Mother Nature gave us the night before in a scary hail storm with a touchdown of a minor tornado behind the house (we got it confirmed yesterday with out neighbors and seeing the remains of the trees and stuff), getting reviews made me happier, and REALLY wanting to get back to writing.  Instead I ended up with a migraine last night, and a rant to my husband this morning complaining about the weather (it was 80 something yesterday and 64 was the high today) and the heater being on, me not able to write due to the medicine I have to take to make another allergy attack from the whatever kicks out when the heater kicks on.   It was bad.  I sent it to MissRon80 later when we were discussing the chapter, and she was laughing because my husband carefully texted me that he loves me… a lot… and will be stopping on the way home to get me ice cream.

The reviews I got today inspired me to get up, as well as MissRon80’s chapter made me go HELL YES!! But, I had to wait until my hubby is home so if I fall asleep at the computer, he can wake me.  The meds are that strong… The need to write and edit is stronger. 🙂