Yep, Meridian did her magic waving of the Beta wand and has the new chapter up and ready for us the same day I edited it!

Sitalia25 would be the same way, but I am lollygagging about reading all the chapters of You’re instead of working… but she told me it was fine when I mentioned I may write instead of edit.  But I will get that chapter out as soon as I can….

Oh… some fun trivia for you.  ALL scenary pics including the ‘road’ picture and the pic above, are from the Black Forest in Germany.  And all the history is as accurate as I could make it.  The Nervii tribes were a lot like the Spartans in their training, but more caring towards the children.  And they often had sex with multiple partners, as early as 14-15.  Remember people, they thought 20’s were middle ages, and 30’s were old.  It wouldn’t surprise me that Godric, as he is described, had children running around.  They just didn’t care about same sex pairings as long as you had children, and the Vikings were the same.

You really have no idea how long I spend in research.  In my story, In The End, I have Godric speaking German for the fact that the tribe he is associated with was in Germany.  Figured he would keep up with that tongue.  In this one, I found the celtic language was close to his native…  So I use that one.  It also helps keep them separate.

Enjoy the chapter, and I hope you enjoyed the mini history lesson.  And yes, It is said that Godric was captured in a battle with the army of Julius Caesar.  He battled them from 58BC to 50BC.  So yes, Godric really is older than the birth of Christianity.