Yep, you heard me, a new shiny LONG chapter of ED for your enjoyment. As always, Meridian deserves thanks!!! She, as well as the rest of the Beta’s were supporting me as I had an epiphany and ranted in the chat room.  They cheered as I seemed to keep adding pages.

Now, because I know some of them are waiting on this post to read, I am going to do something unusual.  I am posting before I have reread the chapter.  PArtly, with all the stuff going on, I think we need it.

Also, that little story called In The End, we have news on it.  The great news:  It is halfway done.  It is a long chapter.  Not as long as this, but almost.  And it came from a 2k chapter that I added that much to it.  Bad news:  It is halfway done.  I will tell you this has been written for weeks, being tossed around the Beta’s as we tried to figure out how not have me rewrite this and the next three chapters.  I am hoping that I have done exactly that.  I am getting out another update of You’re, then back to In The End.

So enjoy!