Allan Hyde 1Yep, brand new only seen by Beta’s at this point, now published NEW chapter!

Miridian was nice and added pics for me when she edited.  I put the road pic in, and she did all the others.  Which saved me from ranting at the computer any more.

I am editing today and cleaning the house.  Yeah me.  So excited.. woo hoo. (Karen, note the sarcasm?!?!?!)  I will be off and on.  I have a meeting sometime with the beta of In The End to talk about this next little tiny but major arc.  After that I will edit the chapter and send it off to her.

Then I will be writing.  Writing!!! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell people, I am having a minor surgery on Tuesday.  Not too sure what is going to happen afterwards, it’s in a spot that can cause great discomfort.  Which is why I am getting the surgery now.  LOL.  No biggie, but if chapters are late, you will know why.

Enjoy!  Click the picture for the chapter.