Eric on closed circuit tv

Yep you heard it here first!!! There is a new chapter of In The End up!! Click the pic for the link…. (And my new picture to stare at…. LOL!)

My awesome as always Beta, Faeregina, has worked her magic on this!  I was excited to read it and I’m the writer!  Sad huh?  But I am always looking forward to what she does with my work.  She understand this story so much it aint funny.  Which she should since it was started because of her and the hours we spent talking.

And by some weird twist of fate, I managed to get excited, run through the house on socked feet (Hardwood floors.  Really Hard wood floors…) trying to get to the TV and record Sherlock, and not break anything.  Remember folks, I broke my leg in two places, sprained my other foot, and tore all the tendons in the foot on the same leg that was broken by falling two freaking steps.  I broke my big toe (And the nail) the day before my gall bladder surgery kicking Marty (which meant no aspirin no nothing for the pain.).  Me falling and breaking things would not surprise anyone.

This trip was caused by who?  By my very own Faeregina who hooked me on Sherlock (And Once Upon a Time).  She told me we could talk after Sherlock and I ran out of the room to record it.  I didn’t get her message saying oops, I meant Elementary, until I came back from a frantic search.

Did I learn a lesson?  Heck no!!! And now I am off to put this chappie on FanFiction.  I just wanted to give you a laugh.. that’s all.