2011 02 15_0188

Yep this is another chapter of Revelations is ready for your reading pleasure. Click wherever you like on Hatter to get there…

Next chapter will be some differences.  It is the first chapter I will be adding the lemons back into the story.

As some of you know, I have a very minor procedure that needs to be done today.  I hate needles, and so I am trying not to think about it.  It is in a sensitive area so hopefully today will be the only bust in being on the computer.  But we will see.  Hopefully it aint nothing, since I just got a slew of ideas about my Once Upon a Time fic while I was trying to get my mind off it and thinking on it.  I fell into a mini sleep to do it.  So I am happy.

Enjoy the chapter, the next one is already given to the Beta.  Also, In The End issue has been fixed… I just need to go and work on it.  Today, again will be a bust.

See ya on the flip side!