Tin Man 1

Yep, MissRissa got through the chapter and we are off with a bang. Click on the pic as always.

This story?  If any of you liked Tin Man, Wizard of OZ and the books.  Or any of the previous, you will enjoy this one!!! I work to tie it all together in a neat little bow.

Up to Chapter 15 is written and as soon as she gets to where I stopped posting, I will be posting in FanFiction and here.  Thank GOD I didn’t post all the lemons already!



P.S. For those not in the Facebook group, yes I am working on In The End right now.  Added 2,100 words to the first chapter.  So we are off with a bang.  Hopefully tomorrow I can finish with it and send it off to the Beta.  Then jumping into the next one and so on until this arc is done.