Killian 42

So, today, missron80 pings me in Facebook Messenger to tell me she is done with the newest edited chapter of The Best is Yet To Come. (Click on picture to go to chapter).

I go out and I am blown away.  She didn’t Beta, she worked diligently and made what I wrote go with canon, adding details she had messaged me about and asked all week long.  As she tells me, I made the dress, but she added all those tassels, beads and such.  To me, that was freaking amazing.  Those Tassels, beads and such added to the story making it so much better.  I asked if she wanted to continue this way and she said sure.

My response?  Is to make her my collaborator on the story.  If you are going to pour that much excellent work into my poor little story, by God, you are going to be recognized.  I gave her permission to publish it as co-author as long as she names me.

I swear she has stressed about this story more than I have, and it has ignited my love for it again.  And she is chomping to get to the new chapter.

Yes this is a redo of the chapter, but there are OVER 1,500 words added and content changed all to the better.  Read… She is awesome!

And this is not to say my other Beta’s are not the same.  They all are, and they help out, but they help make the grammatical errors and that the story stays in place where it needs to be.  They encourage me and help me with any details I need or wonder about.  They are the first to jump in conversations either over the group, in person or in our private message forum.

What missron80 has done is actually work with my idea and redid whole portions of it, telling me constantly that she won’t be offended if I took it out.  Instead I applauded her efforts, and this is the only way I can express my thrilled expression.  This story is complex already and I have a lot on my plate.  This makes it where it will be a story I can type out my ideas, and she can reign me in and make it all work without me having to do that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the details (4 hours to research something that led to nothing today is my proof that I offer) but to have a story where someone else is helping me remember?  I can do that.  I never understood how collaborations could work… But I can do this…

Read and enjoy.  I am off to add this to FanFiction…