Ryan Reynolds 1

As some of you may well know, I have a new Beta.  thewriteashley has volunteered to help me keep track of a Twilighted Tea Shoppe, the character changes.  It is a Bella/Peter AH AU fic.  And yes Ryan is my Peter.  I thought the pic would inspire some clicking.  This will take you to the Title Page.

We went through and updated the two chapters out on Tea Shoppe and as soon as there are more, we will be replacing characters and posting.  This will only be going as fast as the other one.

thewriteashley has also agreed to beta When I Pretend.  It is a Jasper/Bella fic.  I am still setting up stuff and will be working on giving her chapters and banking some before I get back to work on the other stories.

For a recap, In The End is 3 chapters to the Beta, You’re is at the Beta’s.  I need to finish writing What If, I need to review Revelations.   ED has been updated, Tin Man’s last public chapter is being worked on, Once is off with the Beta/Co Author.  Tea Shoppe is queued up.  I think that is all of them!