2012 04 24_0676

Many, many thanks to TheWriteAshley for her Betaing this story. Otherwise it would still be in the possible stories section.

Also, please check out my beta’s on the side.  Their names are linked to their sites, and so many of them are writing!! They are freaking awesome!! I can’t write and beta.  But they give their time to let me bounce ideas on, help me manage the Facebook Group and beta chapters for me.  I love their stories and will be promoting them!!!

Warning, this story is me trying to let go of some of the filters I have.  So it is NOT safe for Children under 17.  This site will be the uncensored version, and the pics I have are not explicit, but they are suggestive.  If this bugs you, please do not read! There is cussing, there will be sex (As early as the next chapter and there is a lime in this one).  I don’t want to have to lock the story out and only those who have the password can get it, so lets all be adults.

Enjoy the story, and remember, Today is Wednesday, the official day I allow the Beta’s to hit publish on their stories for the new week.  As usual, when Publish is hit and before I do my stuff, the Facebook Group is notified with links to the new chapter first.  All are welcome to the group!

All stories but What If (who’s beta is on vacation (which I am jealous of!), Revelations (Which I will be working on here shortly) and Once (who is a totally different kettle of onions!!!) are with the Beta’s.  I know ED is ready and waiting for me to get done doing my parts!


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