Damon 1I have been having issues with my computer all day.  The chapter has been ready, but I could not post this… Stupid computer!

For those who are wondering, there is over 1,100 words added to this chapter. Thanks so much to Alicia for your hard work!!! PLEASE go over and click to read her stories!!!

Also, one of my other Betas started a story that she credits to me, which I deny.  But please give a look at her too!  It’s a Damon/Bella story and I am eager for more!  According to her, she has done a crash course on Vampire Diaries due to me.  LMAO!

Enjoy the chapter.  I am off to edit more and try to get ahead of this story so I can get where I am writing.  Oh to be able to write!! Such a joy!

Sorry for no links.. But we are lucky to get this out and have the normal link for the picture!!!


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